All About Your Zodiac Sign: Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus, the strong bull, is not a Zodiac sign that anyone should be messing with. The symbol of the bull works with their reputation for being stubborn, and stubborn they can be. However, the uncompromising nature of these people make them devoted, stable, reliable, and responsible.

All About Your Zodiac Sign Taurus

Source: Sidney Hall

The main qualities of a Taurus involve that unyielding persistence, but they can also have a mix of traits like materialism and indulgence that can set them back. Some say that with the amount of work that they put out, as those in this Zodiac do work hard, balances out those indulgences because while they can want for a lot, they always put much more out into the world that they take.

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In love, Taurus are the most compatible with Virgos and Capricorns, however, they make the most passionate marriages and long term partnerships with Scorpios. While Taurus in love is very sensual and open with their feelings and the Scorpio is more secretive with their heart, together they feel an unrivaled passion. Their fights are explosive, with neither side ever truly winning because both of these star signs are very fixed in their ways. This relationship is one that is defining for both partners, changing their lives. It isn’t a relationship that always lasts, but it’s a monumental one to say the least.

Because of their persistence and hard working habits, Taurus’ are also likely to be good money managers. They pay everything on time, save money whenever possible, and are likely to have good credit despite their love for material objects. They would do well in careers as varied as banking, medicine, and even construction.

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