What Is An Astrological Transit In A Zodiac Birth Chart?

When a person is born, they are assigned a zodiac sign. Most people know what their sign is and they know that they can look it up to figure out their horoscope. However, people don’t know about their zodiac birth chart. One thing that can affect horoscopes are astrological transits.

Upon a person’s birth, the planets and the stars are at a certain angle to the earth. The position of all of these astrological items are what is known as a natal chart or a birth chart. Since it is made at the time of birth, a person’s natal chart never changes.

To truly understand what a transit is and how it affects a person, knowing what your zodiac birth chart and what your astrological aspect is can be important. An aspect in astrology is the angle between planets or other astrological items (like stars) in a horoscope. Transits need to use the aspect of the planet’s current position and position that the same planet was in on a person’s natal chart.

When a planet is making an astrological transit, it is moving between one aspect to another. Depending on what planet is moving and what time of the year it is, a planet will only transmit once every few years or as little as once every few hours.

All transits can affect a person in different ways, and this depends again on the planet that is transiting, the time of year, and any number of other astrological events that are taking place at the same time. However, a transit affects a person the most when it is an exact transit. Exact transits place the transit in exactly the same spot as it is in on a person’s natal chart. This can happen as many as three times in a year depending on the planet in question.

The sun transits each sign once a year, while other planets, like Mercury, does not always transit every sign in one year and often transits through a certain sign more than once. The lists of how often all of the planets transit through a sign can be difficult to figure out and takes years of practice to do. This link can provide you with many of the planetary transits for 2016.

Hopefully reading this article can make understanding what a transit is easier for everyone. It is a complicated topic that influences the signs constantly. Transits happen often, and it’s likely that the next one is right around the corner.

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