Astrology and Numerology – Are You a Planet or a Number?

Astrology and numerology

There is a close link between astrology and numerology, and although this is understandable to all of us on some level, usually people choose only one of them and study it separately from the other. In both approaches we are discussing interpretation of symbols, only different ones and surely both astrology and numerology are able to give valid answers if someone studies them in depth. The link between these two different teachings goes both ways, and there is nothing stopping you from being an Astrologer-Numerologist or maybe a Numerologist-Astrologer, practicing both astrology and numerology at the same time.

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The number as a concept is presented through number 9 because it contains all other numbers (the sum of all numbers from 1 to 9 is 45, and down to one digit – we get 9 again). In astrology, number 9 is represented through Neptune and this should give us the answer on the meaning of numerology itself. If all numbers are ruled by one, big NINE, then astrology and numerology together tell us that numerology has a task to teach us about our mission, our talent and our purpose on this Earth. It is a teaching that leads us forward, showing us what we need to fulfill in this life to get the support of Nature.

From a different perspective, the root of number 9 is in fact number 3 that is linked to Jupiter. When we look at things this way, we will find a similar conclusion, for Neptune is closely connected to Jupiter, as they both rule the sign of Pisces. Jupiter is our purpose and our focus in life, our vision and the learning process we strive for.

Whatever we decide to study, it is important to understand the importance of the “holy trinity”. When you observe things closely, you will see how important threes are for human race. We have three bodies – rational, emotional and physical, three states of consciousness – conscious, subconscious and unconscious, three forms of life – plants, animals and humans, etc. There is a reason why it is said that all good things come in threes.

That said we should keep in mind that we will always be interested in three different numbers. The first will be the goal, what we want to achieve, our focus point. It is linked to our Mind. The second number is support, energy from the past, from our family and our ancestors. It is linked to Emotion. The third represents stability and is linked to our Body. The third number is the root of things, the base that we don’t see but it gives us the opportunity and the energy to do anything we’re focused on.

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To begin to understand our own Numerological value, we should look at our Ascendant ruler and link it to a certain number, or take our Life Path number and look at the position of the corresponding planet in our natal chart. This will help us create a link between astrology and numerology. To do so, we just need to know which planet corresponds to which number.

Number ONE is in connection to the SUN, our gravity pull, our organizer, leader or manager.

Number TWO is in connection to the Moon, our sense of togetherness, family and emotions.

Number THREE is in connection to Jupiter, our purpose, width, our teacher and focus.

Number FOUR is in connection to Saturn, our time, boundaries, our tiredness and responsibility.

Number FIVE is in connection to Mercury, our intelligence, our voice, the message we carry.

Number SIX is in connection to Venus, our love, physical touch, balance and relationships.

Number SEVEN is in connection to Uranus, our rebellion, our brilliance and our humanity.

Number EIGHT is in connection to Mars, our fears, our anger and our primal energy.

Number NINE is in connection to Neptune, our mission, faith and our addictions.

Number ZERO is in connection to Pluto, our transformation, regeneration and change.

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