Beautiful Worry Stones From Etsy

Worry stones, also known as palm stones and thumb stones, are great for use in self-soothing and stress management. They are small enough to carry in your purse for use on the go and are beautiful enough to display in your home when not in use.

If you’ve never tried a worry stone before, these stones are used in a variety of ways. Holding these small stones between your index finger and thumb, or just balancing them along your hands, make great therapeutic technique to help calm the nerves, focus thoughts, and promote healing. They are wonderful focal points in meditation as well.

Today we have three beautiful hand crafted and polished stones from Etsy to share with you, along with a unique beauty tip to work with these stones.

Ruby in Kyanite Worry Stone

For $4.88 you can have a 30-35 MM stone to help calm your anxiety. These stones have one-of-a kind patterns, with no two being the same. They can be purchased from PeopleCrystals on Etsy, a seller located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

For $5.48, you can purchase a rose quartz palm stone from Holistic Habits, a blogger and stone curator. She supplies a unique beauty tip with these tones, after doing a facial, apply a cold stone at different points on your face for a relaxing and pampering experience.

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Anxiety Relief Ceramic Stone

With a beautiful calming light blue color and the perfect indent, this ceramic hand crafted clay stone fits perfectly as a thumb stone. It costs only $9, and helps support a Toronto, Canada artist.

Whether you like worry stones for their look or for the anxiety relief they can provide, these three options make great affordable products and gifts.

How do you use your worry and palm stones?

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