Cetus Constellation Stars – How do you Connect?

Cetus constellation stars

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Constellation Cetus represents a whale, or a sea monster, depending on the specific view and interpretation. The biggest star in this constellation is Deneb Kaitos, the tail of the whale, with a magnitude 2.2. This is a large constellation, with a surface that can be observed below and above the ecliptic. In the table you will find some important Cetus constellation stars.

Current position Fixed Star Part of a constellation
02 ° A DENEB KAITOS Whale’s tail
22 ° A BATEN KAITOS Whale’s stomach
01 ° B MIRA Whale’s neck
09 ° B KAFFALJIDHMA Under the left eye of the Whale
14 ° B MENKAR Whale’s nose

The whale behind the constellation of Cetus, the one in Greek mythology, represents a sea monster that was sent by Poseidon to kill Andromeda, chained naked, on a rock by the sea. Perseus saved her, killed this monster, and it was set in the skies as huge as it is to remind us of Perseus’ courage.  The second story behind this constellation is the one important in Christian symbolism, connected to God’s messenger Jonah. Jonah was a simple man who didn’t want to spread religion as God intended him to, so he tried to run away across the seas. God changed the weather, making enormous waves on his way, and Jonah ended up in the sea and in the stomach of a big fish – a whale. He begged for forgiveness, giving promise that he will do as he was intended to, and God sets him free to be his voice on Earth and spread religion.

In general, any planets or house cusps in a very close conjunction to Cetus constellation stars represent a threat to a beautiful girl – “monsters from the sea” that will attack her, with her being saved or not by the hero she will end up with. But there is a special spiritual kick to stars in this constellation that shouldn’t be forgotten, especially if the star in the stomach of the whale is awake in one’s chart.

Cetus constellation stars speak of one’s personal relationship with God. It is a place where one has a mission they run away from, try to hide, only to get hurt, have a near death experience or end up in some sort of darkness of the Soul. This is a story of a man who ran away from God, so it represents our futile attempts to dismiss faith and act in our animalistic, and yet rational human nature. We can see the connection to Neptune and the axis of Virgo and Pisces here, as a person’s guiding light to find religion, or faith of any kind.

If you are linked to this constellation, the main thing you need to do is find faith within. This doesn’t have to be a religious effort, nor do you need to explain how the entire Universe came to exist. The faith you need to search for is the faith in yourself. You have to believe in YOU without a shred of doubt and without hesitation.

The Faith we all search for is inside the whale, inside the stomach, not outside in the world. This is exactly what Cetus constellation stars want us to learn – to look within, believe in ourselves, and spread the magic of Faith where people have lost it.

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