Chiron in Astrology How Does it Make you Special?

Did you know that Chiron was the first astrologer? Aren’t we all guided by it then while we read an article like this one? What does Chiron in astrology represent? When we wish to describe the influence of this incredible mythological creature in our chart, we need to understand the atmosphere that follows him. He was one of the centaurs, but he was standing out. Centaurs were instinctive, unaware beings, and among them, he was a doctor, an astrologer, and not only intellectually superior, but superior in his human characteristics. Because of this he was finally judged by every member of his species, out of fear from the unknown. The overall level of consciousness was too low to accept such an individual and value him as he should have been valued.

His strengths caused him a lot of pain, and lead to him being accidentally hurt by a friend. He was condemned to a life of pain and misery as a result of a shot of a poisonous arrow to his leg. As he tries to lift the level of consciousness, he is blocked, and those who weren’t ready to accept new things attack him out of fear. It is not that difficult to link this story to astrologers is it? Aren’t we faced with people who fear predictions and the power of planetary influences as if everyone wasn’t already living them? It is kind of funny how something so present needs to be tossed aside, just out of fear. Why doesn’t anyone who condemns astrology learn about it and prove it wrong?

Chiron is very special. Its orbit is found between orbits of Saturn and Uranus, making it a bridge between our visible, and our invisible realities. Uranus is the first of transcendental planets, the first out of three distant bodies that still have an unexplained influence in our lives. We haven’t moved that much from that traditional view now, have we?

When you think of Chiron in astrology think of it as any other planet, but with a different story, one that we are not ready for. Look for it in your chart and realize that any house it inhabits speaks of strangely unaccepted individuals, those who cure, but get lynched. Their problem is a mind that is too advanced, ideas that are far beyond our age and the level of consciousness of those around them.

Chiron AstrologyShaped as a key, Chiron in astrology shows us the area of our life for which we hold the key. Depending on the house it is set in, you can see areas in which you shine, as a special individual, a teacher. It is sometimes said that the position of Chiron in our chart defines a place in which we can help others and can’t help ourselves. This sounds a bit depressing but it is in a way true. The story of Chiron is not the most positive of all myths and when you think about it, this was a mythological figure wildly separated from the Moon and its senses and compassion. So from another point of view, we could say that Chiron shows us the area of our life that needs more of our given emotion and compassion.

However, the most important lesson Chiron in astrology wants to share with us is that we should let others show us when their time has come to learn what we have to share, or we might get hurt.

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