Cleanse your Soul with Quartz Mineral

Cleanse your Soul with Quartz mineral

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Quartz in its purest form is a crystal of silicone dioxide, abundant in the Earth’s core and easy to obtain for healing work. There are many shades and colors of this crystal (the most popular being rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, etc.), some of them considered gemstones, very valuable and rare. In this article, we will speak only of clear, transparent-to-white, looking-like-glass quartz. Although it is used very often, in different branches of industry, here we will focus on its use in crystal healing, as a mineral that you can use to cleanse your Soul.

The interesting part of Quartz’s history represents it as water ice, and this tells us a lot about its role in our energetic body and the planets it is in connection to. If the Moon represents Water and Saturn represents Ice as Water’s solid form, then we can understand that this is a stone connected to our genetic inheritance and the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. It communicates between the family we come from and the family we create.

It is said that quartz doesn’t need to be cleaned and that it has cleaning properties for other crystals. Still, it might not be a bad idea to put the intent into it and clean it with pure, running water. Our family tree needs a lot of cleansing, or we wouldn’t be here on Earth to begin with. Wash it sometimes, and then leave it in the moonlight of the growing Moon overnight, on the fertile ground in your garden or by your houseplant. There is really no reason not to.

Quartz cleans all the chakras in our body, but the most important effect of this stone is in the energy flows of the fourth (heart) and the seventh (crown) chakra. So it is intended to cleanse your Soul and your connection to the spiritual world. It can relieve us of sadness, help emotions flow and make barriers of our hearts vanish, while strong boundaries are maintained. It balances our emotional body altogether, and helps us stop the interfering and disturbance of emotions in our plans and actions, making us sensitive enough to understand how we feel before the plan is put in action.

The most important role of this stone is in its help for us to understand the differences between our rational goals and emotional needs, as well as dealing with all sorts of genetic disorders, difficulties and karmic debts that were left to us by our ancestors. You are supposed to cleanse your Soul of suffering, pick up the pieces of your heart scattered in the past, and move on, open for new challenges, with energy of life in our veins, joyous and compassionate.

Quartz mineral

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If you decide to work with crystals with the intent to release blockages in the flow of energy and love, clear quartz is one of the first minerals to obtain to cleanse your Soul. Buy a large, well-formed crystal, and use it on yourself first to understand the energies it deals with. Put it on your heart chakra every morning before you get out of bed, close your eyes for ten minutes and relax your chest and all of the muscles in your body. After this little ritual is done, get out and smell the day. Watch how incredible the circumstances in your life get as you observe your behavioral patterns change, and your family issues unravel. Repeat this for a month, write a diary, and watch the effects of nature in its purest form in act.

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