Constellation of Andromeda Speaks of these Things

Constellation of Andromeda

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If you have a planet or an important house cusp on one of the stars from the constellation of Andromeda, you could check if astrology works through constellations, too. Constellations are often confused with astrological signs and any real astrologer should know that they do not actually coincide. Signs of the zodiac represent seasons that change through the year, and their link to constellations exists only because of the fact that some of them did coincide a long time ago.

Stars from the constellation of Andromeda are currently set in signs of Aries and Taurus, specifically on 14th and 28th degree of Aries, and on 0th, 8th and 14th degree of Taurus.

The story of Andromeda is a story about vanity and the troublesome relationship of a mother with her beautiful daughter. A person linked to this constellation must know some beautiful women, but their mothers could easily be conceited and vain. This awakens the rage of their surroundings and leaves these young women powerless. In the myth of Andromeda, she was chained to a rock and left there exposed to monsters of the sea. If we translate this to the time we live in, we can see a woman that is chained by actions of her mother, innocent and living out a difficult faith. She can be tied down, not able to make any steps toward her liberation. The constellation of Andromeda can sometimes describe the symbiotic relationship between two women, mother and her daughter.

If planets found on these degrees (with a very small orb) are beneficial and in good aspects with other planets, we can see salvation for this young woman. In her myth Perseus, carrying Medusa’s head in his bag, finds naked Andromeda on her rock and saves her from her evil fate. We can easily assume that this young woman will be saved by a man, her personal hero who will separate her from maleficent influences of her mother. It can also be assumed that they will relocate in search for a different life.

The constellation of Andromeda is connected to the story of Venus and Saturn. If a woman linked to this constellation has a challenge between these planets, we can expect this story to surface in her life. Depending on disposition of these planets through planets that rule them, we can see if this young woman will be found by her Perseus, or if she will spend her life waiting for someone who might never show. If a man is connected to the constellation of Andromeda, he will have a tendency to search for this beautiful, attractive young woman, who must suffer from a damaged Moon and a difficult relationship with her mother. Whatever the situation, there is a love story of a powerful man and a powerless woman behind the influence of this constellation that wants to be found.

When you look at the night sky, remember to search for meaning. Each constellation was one used to tell a story. Just think of a time when there was no television and no electricity, when everyone gathered around the fire to listen about Andromeda and her mother, or any other myth you are familiar with. These stories left a trace in our history that allows us to understand how we are connected to rivers of time, and each constellation tells a story that might be ours, millenniums later.

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