Constellation of Orion – A Huge Guy in the Sky

TheConstellation of Orion

There are eleven important stars in this constellation. When a planet, or a house cusp come into an exact conjunction with a degree at which a certain star is located, we can presume that the person is linked to the myth of Orion.

Stars in Orion are:

12° C – Tabit

17° C – Rigel

21° C – Belatrix

22° C – Mintaka

23° C – Ensis, Hatsia, Alnilam, Meissa

24° C – Alnitak

26° C – Saiph

28° C – Betelgeuse

Of all these stars, Betelgeuse and Rigel are the brightest and consequentialy their influence is the greatest. There are many stories to the myth of Orion and any one of them can show itself if someone’s chart is linked to the constellation of Orion. When a person has an ascendant or its ruler on one of the stars here, the myth will be brought to life most vividly and lived day by day, in different manifestations, but with the same symbolism. An entire story can be told when this connection is strong and we can come to different conclusions just by following the story.

If a person’s chart is strongly connected to the constellation of Orion, they have usally lost one of their parents, or sometimes even both. The image of the father is unclear, but he gives genetic material that makes a person powerful in a special way. This is someone physically large, with a sharp eye, capable of hunting literally, or hunting for opportunities. The constellation represents a male figure, and the influence of the stars will usually present through men. If a connection is strong in a female chart, it will probably be recognized as a man in her life, rather than herself.

This is a man that falls in love easily and might travel the world in search for love. We can assume that he will have several marriages. Jealousy of women is inevitable and there is a chance for the first wife to die. Someone is always meddling and causing serious problems in his relationships, and with difficult aspects to the stars of this constellation, it seems impossible for true love to be found. With extremely maleficent position of planets, especially Neptune or a negative connection to the twelfth house, this big man will have a tendency to get drunk a lot, and might even be responsible for rape. Any commited crime will be revieled and the criminal punished.

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The most important thing for anyone with personal planets located on stars of Orion is to pay attention to their words, for bragging can cause anger of other people, their revenge and some really painful experiences.

This constellation gives the opportunity for a person to awaken, by turning to the East. It is safe to presume that eastern traditions and religions, or even eastern women, will change this man’s life for the better and he will be able to live the best side of his myth, maybe even happily married to one of his women.

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