Dwarf planet Ceres in Astrology

Dwarf planet Ceres in Astrology

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In mythology, Ceres is the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. It was depicted holding wheat, giving us the impression that it is linked to the sign of Virgo. Since Gemini and Virgo both have the same ruler and the dwarf planet Ceres has the same dwarf title as Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, could we hypothesize that Ceres is in fact the ruler of Virgo? Maybe it is best not to go that far, for Virgo is also under the influences of myths of Astraea and Erigone, the daughter of Icarus. Still, this is something to think about.

The name of Ceres means “to satiate, to feed” and this speaks well of the position of this dwarf planet in our natal chart. When it is closely linked to another planet or a house cusp, the role of Ceres in astrology becomes more obvious as she affects the fertility and the productive nature of that house, or planet. She speaks of the fact that hard work gives results and you cannot trick her by shortcuts and the general lack of effort. The location of Ceres in our chart shows us the bright spot that we need to collect from. It is our field of crops and as much energy it gets from us, the more we will have to harvest.

In its most general interpretation, this is a celestial body that carries the link between Venus and the sign of Virgo within. Virgo takes Venus to its fall, but in fact hard work from Virgo is needed to create products that can be harvested, represented by Venus. In our horoscope, this is a spot which speaks of our ability to create life in all its forms, to care about plants, children and relationships. This is a place where all products of love are born and invested in to begin with.

Dwarf planet Ceres in Astrology

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Even though Ceres in astrology reminds us of hard work and its benefits, its main role in the zodiacal circle is to spread care and tenderness. Ceres shows a spot in which care is required, and we will see if we’ve earned it or need to give it to someone else, by the sex, that is the masculine or the feminine nature of the sign. If our Ceres is in a masculine sign, it is up to us to care about someone or something in our lives, represented by the planet in a conjunction, in a close aspect, or the house it is in. If it is located in a feminine sign, this is someone’s care that we have deserved to get, in our previous lifetimes and by our actions in history.

There is a special note to Ceres in astrology that we truly need to respect. It speaks of our ability to serve others, serve a cause, a goal, or be served by people and events. This understanding can help us accept our role with much more ease, and give into the need of the moment we were born in without the sense of inferiority of any kind.

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