Everything you didn’t know on the Sign of Sagittarius

sign of Sagittarius

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The sign of Sagittarius is, without a doubt, a protégé of all gods. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the most beneficent of all signs, warm and passionate, in constant search for the truth. The problem we often don’t recognize is in the fact that the sign of Sagittarius is actually located between Scorpio and Capricorn, and it is not really that easy being connected to it for several reasons, most of them being linked to one’s inability to balance emotions with reason, or deal with that much depth that is expected from life.

The sign of Sagittarius is a shelter, a safe haven. It represents a place where we would run to if we wanted to be shielded and free from any judgment. It is our deepest moral value, our belief system and our protection from every little thing that might represent a threat. When we give in to Sagittarius, we get lost in the land of infinite opportunities, where everything is possible but distant and we need to organize a chase, or shoot and arrow in order to get it.

As we all know, the sign of Sagittarius is often presented by a centaur and the sign itself has a close connection to Chiron, the first astrologer among centaurs. It withholds the story of teaching, of a higher purpose and immortality, but also a story about pain. Sagittarius is the sign of our faith, our width and the distant places that were visited by our ancestors, or those that are supposed to be visited by us.

Pay close attention to the sign of Sagittarius in your chart. Which house begins in it? Is this your field of deception or your field of the truth?

The most important thing the sign of Sagittarius has to offer is our direction in life. If anyone is supposed to point us toward our mission, it is the sign of Sagittarius. Although we shouldn’t miss on the pointing finger of Jupiter, the house with a cusp in Sagittarius speaks of a certain thing we “shoot for” and the one that will pull us throughout our lives. For as long as we resist it, beneficent Sagittarius will not be able to teach us, to guide us, or to protect us.

Most of us decide to follow this blessed house, but when it is one of the distant houses such as 6th, 7th and 8th, this is a blessing we are not prepared to accept. When this is the case, we will see the beneficent effects of the sign of Sagittarius in lives of other people, our partner and our colleagues, unaware that we could have a big piece of their happiness and bliss.

Any problem in this sign shows our lack of direction and it is so easy for anyone with a personal planet in Sagittarius to get lost or feel lost and lonely. If you are the one feeling lost, question your beliefs and see if you truly think your aspirations and your dreams are possible. If you don’t, well maybe you are not heading in the right direction.

sign of Sagittarius

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