Fifth House Astrology and your Daily Exercises

Fifth house astrology

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We usually say that fifth house astrology speaks of a house of our children and creativity, a place where we go to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I think it is of outmost importance to understand that all of these things are carried within, and that each one of us has a creative child hidden in our Self, trying to play and have some fun. The more you force yourself to “grow up” and be serious, the more you obstruct your inner child’s creativity and joy. No constantly serious human is truly inspired and happy.

Besides the usual interpretation of its influence on our life, in the karmic sense, fifth house astrology points to us in our past life. We can understand this as a talent we carried with us when we died, or if you don’t believe in reincarnation, a talent we carry in our deep unconscious, fighting to get out and help us shine. Happiness always comes from our ability to connect with our prior selves, or our deeper selves, however you wish to look at it.

To simplify – if you want to be happy, you need to be creative and childlike, every day. This will allow you to smile and enjoy every second of your life, while doing something that truly inspires you, brave and confident because you are the best at it. The main reason why some of us suck at our job is the fact that we are at a wrong job, and this doesn’t make us incompetent, incapable or stupid. Maybe we just haven’t found our field of creativity – one that will make us the best of the best.

Fifth house astrology claims that the main training for the fifth house is hidden in your chart. Look at the planets you were lucky to get in it. Then look at the ruler of this house, its dignity and aspects to other planets. If everything seems too difficult here, look at the Sun and the sign of Leo. Wherever you find a supporting aspect and a strong planet, you are looking at your open door for happiness. Have a good look at the symbolism and ask your self – are you holding on to challenging aspects linked to your fifth house, or to supporting ones?

If you haven’t found a loving vocation take a piece of each day to express your creativity. Depending on planets that are in connection to the fifth house, choose what you will do through fifth house astrology. If you have Venus here, turn to art, or with the sign of Taurus you can always sing or learn to play an instrument. With the Moon and Taurus, cook. If you are “marked” by Saturn, your joy might be in history analysis, mathematical equations or planning. With Mercury, you should write. With Virgo you might sew. With Mars you should run. With Jupiter, you might travel or learn another language, especially if it is connected to Mercury.

Fifth house astrology

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Whatever the situation with your fifth house, don’t ever neglect it. Your strongest gravitational field lies in this house, the Sun and the sign of Leo, and there is no point in resisting it. If you want to grow up, take real responsibility for the fact that you force yourself to be something you are not just because of other people’s opinions. Then ask yourself – do you live for others or for yourself?

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