The Five Core Calculated Numbers in Numerology

Calculated Numbers in Numerology

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In Numerology, the study of how the vibrations of numbers and how they affect you and the universe, there are five core number calculations that you need to know.

We’ve already spoken about the Life Path Number and it is the most important number of the five. If you calculate only one number, we’d recommend you do your Life Path number. It’s calculated using your birthdate and it illustrates a blueprint of what your life could be like.

Next, the Expression number. Your Expression represents the strengths and weaknesses you were given at birth. It’s calculated with your full birth name, regardless of whether or not you changed your name, it’s always calculated with what is on your birth certificate.

Unlike the Expression number, which uses your full name, the Personality number is based only on the consonants in your name. The Personality number is similar to a first impression, what people see of you when they first meet you.

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Now the Heart’s Desire number is a fun one. This is calculated using the vowels in your name. It shares what drives your actions. What do you want out of love and life? Your Heart’s Desire will help guide you.

Last but not least, the Birth Day number. Not to be confused with the Life Path number, it is calculated using only the day you were born. If your birthday is August 25, your Birth Day number is 25. It is not simplified, like many of the other numbers are. It shares a special gift you were born with, a skill and the challenges it can also represent. It’s the least important of the core numbers, but it’s still a fun one to explore.

There you have it, the five numbers that help bring insight into who you are and where you are going.

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