Fourth House Astrology and Matters of Life and Death

Fourth house astrology

As we grow up, many of us seem to forget our roots, and although some people are truly interested in their family tree and their ancestors, most of us rarely think about it. We don’t have to know our entire family history, of course, but it might be good to remember who are parents are from time to time, while we manically search for ourselves. The fact is that every child has experienced happiness and joy while childhood blossomed, and even the most abused of children have a seed of happiness in their life. This is something we should all remember and be thankful for, every single day.

In our natal chart, we can see our family and our ability to feel joy through Fourth house astrology, the house’s cusp, planets inside it and its ruler, and of course through the Moon and the sign of Cancer. If we stick with the house for a while longer, let us ask ourselves what does the Fourth house represent? Even the least inexperienced astrologers will tell you that it represents home. In Fourth house astrology we learn about the place where we lived, grew up, the furniture we’ve had and the part of a city we lived in. The Fourth house is our emotional background, for it represents the drawers of all the memories we’ve ever kept. It is our organizational tool for satisfaction, a place we need to approach with outmost intimacy and tenderness to discover our everlasting Soul.

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In a male horoscope the Fourth house represents the mother, while in case of a female horoscope we usually connect it to the father. This is the actual location of our first emotional experience with a person of a different sex, and in it hides the explanation of all of our emotional relationships and sexual interactions of any kind.

All houses are very personal and this one is personal most of all, for it touches our emotional core and the root of our ability to be satisfied. The beauty of Fourth house astrology is in its clarity and connection. Imagine a place where you grew up, dig up some wonderful memories, the warm breath of your mother, her scent and the way your father carried you to bed or read you a bedtime story.

Fourth house astrology

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Now imagine your own grave, the one your physical body will lie in when you die. Is there even a tiny possibility in your mind to connect these two images? Probably not, but they are in fact both presented through our magnificent Fourth house. Although this can seem wrong in so many ways, it is actually a perfect pointer to our human purpose. Our Soul isn’t here to inhabit this physical body, but to learn from it while inside it. Each of us has a Fourth house determined by the birth of our physical body. So why wouldn’t it represent its final resting place?

What we learn in Fourth house astrology is that the main trouble of the Fourth house, its ruler, the Moon and the sign of Cancer, is in the division of the world in opposites, Good and Evil, and consequentially Life and Death. We accept the “Good” as the source of all our joy, but seem to dismiss the fact that “Evil” is the source of all our sadness. If we think again, we might realize that our little inner monster is the equal part of our Soul as the angel patting us on the shoulder, in the same way Death is the equal part of Life as actually living it.

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