Funny Tumblr Astrology Jokes

Funny Tumblr Astrology Jokes


Tumblr is a great place to be inspired, but also to laugh! Here we have some creative Astrology interpretations we knew our regular readers would love.

Three of the five we have to share are from AstroWilly, boy does he have some creative posts!

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Tumbler Joke

Tumblr Jokes

Tumblr Jokes

And as a fun anecdote, we have Stellar Zodiac’s interpretation of what pop-punk songs suit each sign.

Tumblr Jokes

The fifth one on this list, from Astrology Overload, shares who you shouldn’t mess with.

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Funny Jokes

So, do you find these funny posts accurate? I think my favorite is the last one. Especially since I’m a virgo.

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