Have you been wrong about calculating your Life Path Number

Calculating your life path number is pretty much the same as determining your Sun sign – easy, but the explanations of your character because of it are narrow and limited. Although the rules of our path numbers apply to our characters, they are only the tip of the tip of the iceberg of numerology. It would be a shame to define it by such a small, one-digit number that we all wish to discover, as much as it is a shame to view astrology through daily horoscopes of our Sun signs. Life path number consists, in fact, of three numbers combined, until a one-digit number is obtained. This is something that has to be understood if we really want to enter the field of numerology. Even though other ways of calculating your life path number from your date of birth will give the same final result, we are defined as a combination of three numbers given by day, month and year of birth. We already know that good things come in threes and it is not realistic to expect a single number to give us the quantity, or the quality of answers we seek. The combination of three – well that is an entirely different story. This is exactly where a question of the way we present the date of birth matters that rarely anyone addresses. Some of us show the date of birth in a day-first format (dd/mm/yy) and others show it in a month-first format (mm/dd/yy). There are some additional variations but let’s stick to the most common ones. Now this would be fine if we only had one definition to follow, with no regard to the collective unconsciousness that led to this strange situation in which some people seem to have the first number first, and the others the first number second. How do we approach this issue? First of all we need to understand that one day is shorter than a month. I have often seen information on the follow up of numbers in order month – day – year, but we have to understand that this brings a sort of confusion in our view of numerology of each individual. A day is much more personal than an entire month, and each day has two digits it is combined out of (01, 02, …, 31). Each of these numbers has its own story and it is not the same if you were born on the 1st or the 28th of any month, because you are made out of different digits. If we have this in mind, we might understand how confusing it gets when we put the month first, as if we are hiding our true nature of the exact date behind it.

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