Here are the Things You have to Know about Venus

Here are the things you have to know about Venus


Venus is a planet named by the Roman goddess of love and beauty, probably because it was brightest of all stars in the night sky. The name of the goddess is derived from the Latin noun Venus, meaning “sexual love” and “sexual desire”. This planet is the brightest object in the sky, apart from the Sun and the Moon, and can cast shadows in their absence. Because of her thick layer of clouds and the greenhouse effect, it is the warmest of all planets that circle around the Sun. Also, Venus is known to be the planet with the biggest number of volcanoes seen in the Solar System.

In mythology, both Venus and her Greek counterpart Aphrodite, were born out of sea foam and represented the general female principle. In their most negative connotation, they were both presented as promiscuous – Aphrodite had many lovers, while Venus was considered the goddess of prostitutes. The most beneficent role of them both was love, and Venus had the privilege to be explained through the function it has today, as a goddess of balance between the feminine and the masculine.

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Astrologically speaking, planet Venus is primarily in charge of balance and sexual pleasure, but is often connected with finances and the material things in our possession. Ruling the signs of Taurus and Libra, it has two faces, one of them for practicality, sensuality and joy, and another one for beauty, balance and partnership.

Venus rules our second, sacral chakra, responsible for our ability to relax, enjoy life and be flexible. Any imbalance in this energy center will be manifested as a person’s lack of satisfaction, leading to criticism, grumpiness, sexual inhibitions and problems in relationships with other people. Its role is to keep us balanced and on a physical level this is best shown through our hormonal balance.

The basic problem with Venus is the feeling of guilt. It can be tossed around, from person to person, with no real sense of responsibility, if one has a troubled Venus. Everything can become someone else’s fault and this takes away the masculine, accenting the feminine unsatisfied. As a result, the person starts to feel powerless as if change is not possible, and manically tries to control everything and everyone in their life. This is a typical female issue, but men equally suffer from it. Usually a man will see the lack of balance in his Venus through his partner or a female figure in his life. Still, it will be a problem with his Venus, not someone else’s.

For Venus to be happy, we need to smile, relax and have some time to have fun. Venus wants us to dance, love and not feel obligated to do anything. It wants us to know that we are valuable just the way we are and that we don’t have to reach for things in order to have value. Its goal is to create and procreate, and as such it is in charge of pregnancy as the ultimate creation of life.

Venus doesn’t like to be found in signs ruled by Mars, Pluto and Mercury (Aries, Scorpio and Virgo). We can easily conclude that it has a problem with conflict, aggression and analytical thought. Analysis ruins spontaneity, beauty and love, as much as aggression does. However, Venus does need to have a warrior side to her in order to be happy, and realize that constructive conflict is a necessary part of a healthy relationship.

Venus is fed by magic, sensuality, beauty, talent and romance. It can be fed with mind altering substances, too, but they will poison it successively, destroying one’s ability to be happy and relaxed. It needs fairytales, happy endings and most of all, it needs faith. If we believe and cherish our body, love will find us, although maybe not in the way we thought it should. This is why Venus feels good in signs under her rule, Taurus and Libra, and even better in a secretive sign of Pisces.

Check out the position of your Venus and think about it… is it satisfied? Are you?

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