Here is What Nobody Ever Told You about Libra

Here is What Nobody Ever Told You about Libra

Source: Sidney Hall

Sidney Hall

The first thing that anyone learns about the sign of Libra is that it represents balance. But rarely someone understands – a balance between… what? Although this is a complex question that has a lot of answers, the most relevant one would be that it represents balance between the lower and the upper part of the zodiacal circle. This means that its role is to balance all our karmic and family starting points, with all those things we create by using them.

If we think about the signs through the circle, we will see that Aries represents our first breath and primal energy. Taurus represents the food we eat and our money, Gemini represents mind and the way of thinking, Cancer represents family, Leo our past life and our passion and Virgo our health and the fine structure of our body. If you try to find a reasonable difference of these signs from the ones that come after the sign of Libra, you will see that these are all signs we “cannot choose” to begin with, our staring points to build the upper signs of the zodiac.

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Scorpio is death and there will be none without life. Sagittarius is travel and there will be none without money. Capricorn is our career and there will be none without our mind and our focused energy. Aquarius is freedom and there will be none if we don’t deal with our family. Pisces represent our inspiration and there will be none without our health. Now imagine our little Libra, with two cymbals on its sides, trying to measure the fine state of balance between all these oppositions.

We say Libra is a sign of relationships, but we rarely say it is a sign of all the relationships we have in our zodiac, our life and our surroundings. Firstly, it represents the relationship we have with ourselves and the way we value, respect and cherish our body, emotions and mind. After all these issues are taken care of, Libra moves on to check the balance between us and the outer world. There is a lot of serious work in the sign of Libra and this is exactly why it exalts Saturn.

On the other hand Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet that represents a contact between heavenly and earthly love, and Libra is linked to its heavenly nature. As an Air sign, it is connected to our rational mind. Through the exaltation of Saturn it is in contact with the element of Earth and through the exaltation of Venus in Pisces – with the emotional element of Water. As a cardinal sign it always suffers some sort of drastic change in life.

Now try to imagine a person with the Sun in the sign of Libra (born between 23rd of September and 22nd of October). This is a place where the Sun falls and self-esteem is low, problems with the development of their will are certain and the influence of the opinion of others often crucial. Based on all sorts of relationships, they seem to have a karmic debt to repay through all those things they need to balance, for others and themselves. Their life is a balance between everything they don’t want to deal with because they just want to find that heavenly love and forget about the obligations that Saturn imposes on them.

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Rational emotions, emotional words, flying high to end up low, getting married to get divorced and choosing partners that can substitute their own inner personality hole. Yes, Libras are having trouble in finding any meaning to life if they have no one to go out with, travel with and share it with. They are, after all, ruled by Venus.

Be careful and tender with your Libras. They are our special secret link to an emotionally fulfilled life. We need them to bring the indestructible wonder of love that can be, bound by laws on Earth through Saturn.

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