How Do Eclipses Happen and What Do They Mean?

How do eclipses happen

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Have you been wondering how do eclipses happen? Eclipses happen when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned. Depending on their position, viewed from the Earth, an eclipse can be a consequence of the Moon hiding the Sun (solar eclipse) or us hiding the Moon from the sunlight (lunar eclipse). Both of them have one thing in common – something gets hidden from our view. So how do eclipses happen? They happen by simple movement of celestial bodies.

In the chart, we can recognize an eclipse by the position of lunar nodes, points in which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. Their projection in the natal chart will be very close to the Sun and the Moon when an eclipse occurs. How do eclipses happen in a horoscope? A solar eclipse will happen with the Sun and the Moon in a conjunction and one of the nodes very near, while a lunar eclipse will happen when the Sun and the Moon are in an opposition, with the axis of the nodes very near.


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Stronger and longer effects will be felt from a lunar eclipse than from a solar one. It lasts longer, and represents our darkness of the Soul that happens through an opposition of the Sun and the Moon. Strangely, we often assume that when a conjunction of a celestial body with the Sun occurs, it gets burned by the rays of the Sun. However, in a situation of a solar eclipse, the Sun gets hidden behind the Moon.

Partial Phase of Lunar Eclipse

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We understand now how do eclipses happen? That is important, but the most important thing to realize is that none of these positions is easy. When someone has an eclipse in their natal chart, it represents the unreachable truth or the complete lack of a certain kind of love in their family – an active one (the Sun) or a passive one (the Moon). Each of these deficiencies will damage a side of one’s ability to love, and it can be extremely hard to learn how to overcome this in life.

A solar eclipse happens when the Sun is hidden, and the only thing we could do to avoid its effects is to leave Earth and watch the entire scene from space. Since most of us can’t do this, we will have to deal with the consequences of the eclipse right where we are. Because of the astrological role of the Sun, this eclipse represents the darkness of rationality and our inability to clarify things around us. Since the Sun represents our will and personality, each solar eclipse could question us through challenges of character. The problem is that we might not be able to pass these challenges, due to the fact that we will not be sure if we have any character left. In one’s natal chart, a solar eclipse represents a lack of fatherly love and one’s inability to give love.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon is hidden and it is interesting to contemplate on the fact that we hid it from ourselves. This shows how the entire human race stands in the way of emotional understanding and all attempts to communicate at this time might be futile. When we don’t know how we feel, it is a much worse scenario than when we don’t know what we want, because our sense of compassion disappears with lack of emotional awareness. Since the Moon represents our emotions and reactiveness, every lunar eclipse can lead to emotional outbursts, uncontrollable reactions and a lack of love. In one’s natal chart, a lunar eclipse represents the lack of motherly love and one’s inability to receive love.

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