How is Watermelon Tourmaline Magical?

Watermelon Tourmaline

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Watermelon Tourmaline stone is a semi-precious stone that is used in different healing techniques. It is the most colorful of all Tourmaline crystals and as such, connected to our colorful, creative self, usually astrologically represented through Venus and our second chakra. The beauty of the crystal reminds us of a miracle of nature and certainly connects Venus to the sign of its exaltation – Pisces. This stone was considered a “gate to the inner Self” and in the ancient times, legend has it that Tourmaline acquired its colors via rainbow travelling. Watermelon Tourmaline stone has the rarest of all color varieties and has three colors within, looking almost eatable and tasty.

This is a crystal often connected to the fourth chakra too, but we wouldn’t say that this is its primal role. Both Venus and the Moon (the second and the fourth chakra) are connected to the law of attraction, and to our inner sense of satisfaction and gratitude. Still, there is a big difference between these energies we carry inside and our goal with this crystal is to find a perfect balance that is achieved by a balanced flow of energy through both the second and the fourth chakra.

It is best used for hormone disorders, especially when they lead to infertility or impotence. The beauty of this stone is supposed to return colors into our lives and make us learn about our own beauty, through a deep understanding of how special, different and unique we are. The biggest benefit of Watermelon Tourmaline stone is its lesson to us that not everything beautiful needs to remain in the realm of magic, hard to get and intended for some imaginary people, but it can actually become ours as we bring our Heaven or our wonderland down to Earth.

Each moment we spend with this crystal should be filled with love. We should think about things that make us smile, and the best therapy with it is to hold it firmly in our hand and dance. It attracts the joy of dancing and a song that is supposed to make us feel carefree as if we were little children again. The Soul represented by the Moon and our heart chakra, recognizes this as a benefit to our inner Child and heals consequentially even though our first intention was not to heal the heart. This is a stone that helps us feel attractive and beautiful, making the impossible possible in our lives.


Watermelon Tourmaline stone is a crystal of gratitude and it should be used while we feel thankful. It reminds us of our gratitude for all the miracles of Mother Nature, and with them – the gratitude for our life. In its purest form, the energy of this crystal should teach us how to value ourselves and those around us, balancing our needs for physical pleasures and food, while curing us of laziness and helping us find the right motivation. If you have a dilemma, this is a stone you should turn to for it will help you find your road to satisfaction and happiness.

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