How to Calculate Your Name Number

Numerology Coaching

Numerology Coaching

Now that we know how to calculate your life path number , based on your birth date, we are now going to learn how to calculate your name number based on your birth certificate. Name numbers show how you react with those around you and how people see you, while the life path number shows how your life may take place.

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Sound interesting? Let’s calculate your name number. First, write your name out on a piece of paper. Write it exactly as it is on your birth certificate.

Then, substitute each number based on the below diagram.

wiki how

Wiki How

After you have it all together, add the numbers together. Did you get a two-digit number? Like 12, for example? Add those two numbers together until you get a single digit.Exception: The numbers 11 and 22 are considered Master Numbers and should not be simplified.

Numerology Report gives a great list of basic name meanings, check it out below:

Numerology ReportA more in depth meaning deciphering will come soon, but in the meantime, refer to the above list. Does your name number suit you? What do you think?

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