How to Predict the Future and become Famous

How to predict the Future

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Wondering how to predict the future today? Well you could turn to Nostradamus for help in this matter. Let’s put it this way – you CANNOT predict the future with absolute certainty. Well maybe you can if you are enlightened and use each percent of your brain with full awareness. Although Astrology can be used to see the possible outcomes of certain situations and help us recognize the shape of things that are yet to come, you will have to be truly special to predict details on someone’s life and be right about them, too.

It is very easy to get a grip on the fact that someone’s Mercury is in conjunction with Mars in Aries, and wow – he will probably drive a red car at some point in his life. In the same way, we can see someone’s potential to have a great career, be rich, have children or lose a pregnancy. It is easy to get lost in all the information if we lose the ability to focus on a certain thing in someone’s chart, but the road to hell goes right through predictive methods as our responsibility seems to lose a battle with ego. If you are an astrologer, having a regular encounter with a client, maybe you shouldn’t claim certainty of your predictions.

Astrology is often approached to as this means on how to predict the future. The problem is – this is not something an astrologer can provide without exception. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from making certain changes in your life and changing the entire course of events that is supposed to lead to a predicted point.

On the matter of HOW to predict the future if one must deal with prediction, and it would be best to keep your mouth shut unless you have proof that your methods work, it is important to remember that you cannot predict any future events through less than three predictive methods. So yes, you can look at the transit chart and its relation to someone’s natal chart, but this will not be nearly enough. Take progressions, directions, solar or planet return techniques at least, and this still wouldn’t be something you can hold on to with absolute certainty. Even if you do everything by the book, you can still be perplexed by the situation that has created itself after you’d consulted someone on the turn of events in the near future.

There are some situations we can predict easily, linked to human nature. We can sense if someone is making a change, or if someone is lying. We know when the last minute has come to do something even if the future is unclear. We can feel things that are coming through the general energy that we are a part of. Still, the human brain doesn’t seem to be developed enough to calculate all the possibilities and all the input data in order to give one, correct, solid answer to the question – what lies in my future?

How to predict the Future

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So with all that said, have you found the way how to predict the future? The idea that Astrology can do this is based in the Law of Synchronicity that simply explains how everything that goes on in Space has a direct counter-situation on Earth and further more in our body, at the same moment in time. The energies that are put into planets through myths and stories of our ancestors, gave them a certain “color” that we need to understand today. This can help us predict the color of our situations in life. Although we can predict many things with some certainty, we should always remember that free will changes everything. After all, the point of Uranus, the ruler of Astrology, is to surprise us, not make us safe and secure in our predictions.

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