Our Golden Core

Golden Core

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When we decide to learn about crystals and the benefits they can bring into our lives, we sometimes forget that a crystal is any hard substance, including ice, sugar, or anything we can press our finger upon that has specific geometry. In this article, we are going to “touch” one of the most important crystals for energetic work

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Gold is a noble metal, the most malleable of all metals, and is thought to have been present in the dust from which the solar system formed. Because the Earth was molten at that time, almost all of the gold sank from its surface into the planetary core, so today our planet has a golden core. This is why it is a widespread opinion that the gold present today in the Earth’s crust and mantle originated in asteroid impacts during the late heavy bombardment, about 4 billion years ago, while the golden core has no connection to Earth’s surface. In our history, gold was seen as beneficial for one’s health.

Alchemy was an entire science at its time, the predecessor of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter.  Mostly, the purpose of alchemy was to find a way to convert base metals into gold, or to find the universal elixir of life. The link between the two is not coincidental and gold is closely linked to our force of life, the Sun. We often connect the circle of the wedding ring with the Sun, the yellow color of gold, too. We know gold is represented by the Sun in our basic astrological dictionary. Still, some of us wouldn’t primarily connect them into one whole. Our golden core represents the strength of our third chakra and the Sun, so it is only natural for it to be noble. Healing purposes of gold are closely linked to our sense of identity, our self-respect and the power we feel when we live our true nature. It can be used to stabilize the Sun and form a sense of confidence and a better connection to the core of one’s personality.

To be in possession of gold doesn’t speak purely of its financial value. It also gives us each a personal golden core – a deeply seeded sense of security and this is why some traditions choose a golden coin as the first gift for a newborn. Gold is supposed to represent our security in a material world, and give us the inner richness, warmth and vitality.

This is a crystal that makes us feel valuable, however small it might be. It helps us create the material reality we desire and pulls us out of our insecurities and the sense of powerlessness.

Golden Core

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This is a metal that can serve well for all those people who need to catch their divine Self. As a perfect conductor of electricity, it helps us “conduct” Uranus and has a very good use with astrologers, as it helps build the practical sense around astrology in order to “bring it to Earth”. It also helps one to keep their feet on the ground and not wander off while absorbing esoteric knowledge. Since our third chakra is connected to the intense part of our digestion, the fire in our stomach that is used to metabolize experiences, a piece of gold can be put on one’s stomach to help metabolize food, difficult relationships or painful experiences.

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