Planet Mercury in Astrology – Are you Smart or Stupid?

Planet Mercury in Astrology

Source: NASA

The first thing you learn about planet Mercury in astrology when you start studying it is that it rules our intellect, thoughts, mind and communication. Then you learn that it is extremely strong in Virgo and extremely weak in Pisces. Does this mean that people with Mercury in Pisces are stupid? Mercury in Pisces is even called “stupid Mercury”. Imagine that. Since I know many people with Mercury in Pisces that I found intelligent, capable, very eloquent and talented for writing, I asked myself a question – what is the real message of Mercury?

You will say with ease that someone with Mercury in Virgo is smart, but is this truly the case? The fact is – Mercury in Virgo can be stiff, unmovable, unchangeable and too skeptical for faith to find place in one’s heart. Is this what we consider intelligent?

When you think about planet Mercury in astrology, try to clear your mind of any given interpretations and logical explanations of its influence. Instead, imagine that Mercury was there to give us the ability to touch our feelings. What if our human mind has one true goal to reach emotional stability and peace? Isn’t everyone in search for peace and how come those extremely intelligent people have so little of it?

Think about our little Mercury. He was a deity presented with wings on his head and his feet. Where is he going to fly away by solving mathematical equations? A mathematician on a mission could get carried away and fly sky high solving them, but could you? One thing we have to learn from planet Mercury in astrology is how to find knowledge and incorporate it in our heart. It rules our throat chakra and gives us the ability to connect our vision with our feelings and find the ultimate truth. The only way to do this is through our mind, as we feel what we think and say.

Mercury is our link of the Moon with Jupiter, and as such, it is supposed to help us gather information that will help us find our life’s mission and the direction that God has intended for us. Each of us has a unique way of learning this truth. Some of us don’t reach it in this lifetime. Still, Mercury exists as a tool to help us get there, following us from one lifetime to another, knitting a web that will guide us toward our true inner cravings.          

When you want to interpret your Mercury, look at its position and analyze its support in your chart and the challenges it carries for you to solve. You are supposed to understand your own mind, however “smart” or “stupid” it might be and that’s fine, that is your primary astrological approach. But when you’re done, move on to positions of the Moon and our great benefic Jupiter. Only when you put Mercury between these two and understand the real mission that your heart is supposed to follow, you won’t really care how intelligent you are and Mercury will become what he is – the messenger of gods.

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