Something Different on Sixth House Astrology

Sixth House Astrology

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If you wish to use sixth house astrology, you need to start by understanding its link to the twelfth house and their inseparable qualities. We can often mix up these houses, for they both represent health, medicine and in general, ways to help people out. People with an emphasis on their sixth house need to serve others and help them solve their physical or psychological problems. People with an emphasis on their twelfth house – often need to do the same.

The key difference between these houses is in the approach to problem solving. Sixth-housers will help out of the need to show humility and serve, sacrificing themselves, and honestly worried about others, while twelfth-housers would do so out of convictions, faith and often not even knowing why. As seen in sixth house astrology, the strongest influence of the sixth house in terms of helping others will be seen in a composite chart of couples where the entire relationship relies on the fact that one of the partners helps the other overcome psychological difficulties.

In the most practical sense, sixth house astrology teaches us that the sixth house is a house of health, daily routine and work. Since work belongs to the daily routine, and health often reflects it, we could stick to this one generalization that the sixth house represents our daily routine. Just like the sign of Virgo has a problem with Venus, the sixth house has it too. When Venus is here, we say it is in an “accidental” fall, endangering its dignity even when it is in a strong sign.

So what does sixth house astrology want us to learn? When you think about Venus connected to the words “daily routine” you will probably think – no way, they don’t go. But in fact, Venus represents all balance we are capable of creating, and this includes our daily routine. We often dismiss this role of Venus, approaching it as the goddess of all satisfactions, pulling us toward sinful behavior, making us eat carbs. Or even worse, making us lazy and forcing us to stay in bed when we should work at a non-satisfying job with colleagues that we would rather see dead at the side of the road.

The truth is Venus has an important role in creating our daily routine. People with a strong Venus don’t have to live in special dietary regimes because they understand that what they feel they need – they will eat. They also know that they will work only where they feel satisfied, and be lazy as much as they need rest. So Venus is not the bad guy here. The real problem is in the fact that troubled Venus can’t express itself in the right way.

Sixth House Astrology

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If you are having any health issues and search for answers in your sixth house, forget about its ruler(s), planets in it, or the sign it begins in. Instead, look at your Venus and see the trouble it has to deal with. Or better yet, forget your chart and do something you love to do. Leave your tiresome job if you are unhappy. Get out of the relationship you feel suffocated by. Leave your cheating partner and find a new one, however old you are. Eat carbs – one balanced portion per day. Find balance, instead of dismissing sweet satisfactions of life. And don’t ever forget to dance, and of course – smile.

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