The Golden Middle of Number 8 in Numerology

Number 8 in numerology is a truly interesting number. We often link Saturn to karma and this leads to many confusions on the astrological background of this number. However, there is only one, real astrological interpretation of the grand Eight – it belongs to Mars. Because of its link to karma, it is sometimes confused with Saturn, but the word “karma” means action, and which planet is responsible for action of any kind? I would say it is Mars.

This is a number represented through two circles touching each other in a single meeting point. Our entire destiny on planet Earth is represented through this number, and this meeting point is actually a point in which the Sky touches the Earth, and our thoughts and dreams become reality. This is where our ideas and passions become our feelings and material things, and as such, this is a number connected to our material existence and our reality. There is no wonder it is often confused with the rule of Saturn, for it is a planet ruling a sign that belongs to the element of Earth, but Saturn connects us to God and the higher power, rather than our earthly existential issues.

When you look at number 8 in numerology, instead of searching for someone dependent on their financial situation, find someone who has to deal with fear. Since Mars rules our first chakra, it is our direct link to the planet we live on, and it represents our primal energy, our instinctive force and our field of all sorts of fears that block us on our way to glory. Number 8 is our building force. It gives us the energy to do anything we wish to do, but fear of being condemned, fear of being an outcast, fear of hurting others, fear of death – fear holds us back.

If you are in some way connected to number 8 in numerology, no matter if it your Life Path number or simply a number that you stumble upon throughout your life, ask yourself what are you striving for? If you know the answer, try not to waste your energy on things that have nothing to do with your goals. There is nothing that can distract an Eight more than a simple emotion, and plans need to be carried out without it. Emotions are something that should put us on our path and help us choose every step of our plan. We are supposed to find a way to swim towards our goal, while avoiding the hurt of other people, with enough compassion to get there with everyone’s help.

Number 8 in numerology tells us we should face our fears, face to face, brave, solid and strong, while materializing our true inner desires. It tells us we have to take care of our physical body if we want any other body of ours to remain strong and potent. This is the number that tells us we shouldn’t fear death, and that it is a natural order of things, as much as any action has its consequence. Even if fear of death is present, it must be constructively used for our lives to gain quality and vigor. Take your number 8, and search for your inner balance between actions and emotions, Mars and the Moon, and remember that a circle represents Divine Spirit. This is after all a number that shows there are two Divine Spirits in our world – one in the Sky, and one right here, on Earth.

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