The Magic Number 9

There are many ways to interpret the magic number 9 in numerology, and everything you read on the internet might seem a bit too scattered, vague and unclear. This is quite logical considering its link to Neptune and its rule in astrology. If you search for information on this number, you will find that it is in correlation to Uranus, Sagittarius, that it is ruled by all of the planets, that it rules all the chakras, especially the crown chakra, etc. How can we interpret this number when we think it is everything and that makes it become nothing?

Let us clarify, firstly, that in astrology, magic number 9 is under the rule of Neptune. If this is the main connection of its numerological and astrological value, we might be surprised to see how well any other interpretations fit into this description. The truth is, number nine is the last one of all digits and as such it correlates perfectly to the last sign of the zodiac. By recent definitions of Pluto as a dwarf planet, Neptune is also the last planet in our solar system.

Any relation to magic number 9 leads us to the end of the road. It gives life purpose and puts us on a mission that needs to be reached before we die. This is a number where all genetic issues are finished and done with, and it gives us the vision we need to strive for greatness. It also provides us with talents of all sorts and gives us the ability for ultimate compassion and the sensitivity that makes the world a better place.

I have often seen nines told that they are too sensitive, or simply seeing themselves as they are. This is just one of the wrong approaches that lead them to depression and sadness, until they become prepared to give up on the roughness of the world. While they are still children, it should be explained to them that ugly things that happen aren’t meaningless and that everything in life has a purpose. This will push them in the right direction. With enough faith, these people can be healers and great humanitarians that won’t rest until they make the world a better place.

The magic number 9

Source: Colossal

Keep in mind that their creative, beautiful role in the world is possible only if they believe in themselves and understand that their emotional nature is their biggest virtue. Any dismissal of emotions can lead to all sorts of psychosomatic issues, addictive patterns and lies. They will do almost anything to run away from the hard, cold world they live in, and they need a lot of support to build up to be honest, straightforward and aware of their qualities.

Unfortunately for magic number 9, we still live in the society where emotions are wildly challenged. Everywhere we turn, we see destruction and suffering, hunger and coldness of heart. Still, what every nine has to remember is that all numbers lead to it. There is no way of avoiding this fact. So the convictions and the Utopia number nines strive for, is actually our inevitable destination, even though most of us are not aware of it. Hold on number nines! The world gets better slowly as awareness of people rises. You can only bring good faith and some magic into it until we get there.

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