The Mutable Quality

There are three qualities in astrology, the mutable quality being third. Even though this quality is the last, that doesn’t mean that it affects the signs the least. This quality affects all twelve of the signs just as well as the other two qualities, but it affects four of these signs, the mutable signs, more than the others. This quality also affects four of the astrological houses. The characteristics, even the mutable quality, affects the signs more than they know.

What is the Mutable Quality?

The mutable quality is the last of the three qualities because this sign begins near the end of each season. Since these signs are at the end of the season, they are also great at finishing up projects. This is something that cardinal and fixed signs often have trouble doing, making it a unique skill for this particular sign to have. However, starting a project and working on it for extended periods of time can still be difficult for them.

How is the Mutable Quality Different from the Other Qualities?

The quality is unique because its signs come at the end of a season rather than at the beginning (cardinal) or middle (fixed) of a season. These signs are best at finishing projects, but other signs, such as the cardinal sign, are great at coming up with new and creative ideas and the fixed signs are hard workers who rarely give up on a task at hand. The signs also don’t always match up with their prescribe zodiac personality traits, as well as either the fixed or cardinal signs, do.

What Signs are Mutable Signs?

There are four mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These traits are the most likely to accomplish both their short-term and long-term goals, but the least likely to match up with their average personality traits that people associate each of these four signs with. For instance, Gemini is moody, Virgo changes their goals based on their current family situation, Sagittarius likes to move around a lot, and Pisces lets their intuition and creative sides guide them. All of these things lead up to less-than-consistent personality traits.

What Houses are the Mutable Houses?

The third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth houses are all affected by this quality. The third house deals with communication, the sixth with work, the ninth with learning, and the twelfth with a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings. When a sign is in one of these houses, whether they are a mutable sign or not, they are likely to take on some of the traits of the mutable quality signs. They will be more likely to complete their goals during this time, and they may get sidetracked from their usual personality traits.

Each of the qualities has something that makes them special, and the mutable quality is no exception. While it may go unnoticed at times, a person can be sure that this quality is always affecting their life in one way or another.

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