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All About Your Zodiac Sign Scorpio

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It is sometimes sad to hear different opinions and interpretations of the sign of Scorpio. Yes it is a sign that speaks of death, but that doesn’t necessarily make it “bad”. And who is to say death is bad anyway? Isn’t it simply a natural part of life? Scorpio is also a sign that speaks of our conception, but we will rarely hear someone talk about this side of it, although we wouldn’t be here if weren’t conceived, would we? It seems so easy to give in to our fears instead of being thankful for what we’ve got.

The most important thing to remember when we think about the sign of Scorpio is that it belongs to the element of Water. This means it is primarily classified as an emotional sign, and this complicates the superficial “negative” approach to it. The fact that Scorpio represents our emotions tells us more about our attempts to dismiss emotions and all of the world problems that come out of this, than many of interpretations have to say about the sign itself.

The main problem in Scorpio is its sensitivity. If we remember that the Moon falls in this sign, we can understand that the Moon here is weak, but what does that actually mean? Since the Moon represents our heart and the core of our emotions, its weakness in the sign of Scorpio makes it more sensitive, easily broken and vulnerable. When someone has their Moon in this sign, this doesn’t mean that they are emotionless, but they are in fact deeply emotional and too fragile for their emotions to be accepted by their primal surrounding.

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t attempt to recognize the explanation behind the act of Scorpio. Yes, this is the sign of jealousy – because of the fear of being hurt. Yes, this is a vindictive sign – because of the depth of emotional response. It is said that Scorpios never forget, and this is quite logical when you understand that memories remain written in our waters and our emotional, not our rational mind.

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The sign of Scorpio represents many maleficent things in our lives, and mostly they are a product of emotional repression. It is sometimes said that what cumulates here is sexual tension and the response to sexual restrictions, bringing wars and mass destruction in its worst manifestation. Still, if we truly understand the link between sexuality and emotions, we might realize that a more appropriate explanation for all this blocked energy in Scorpio is simply the unlived love.

Sign of Scorpio

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If we look at our modern society, we will see that sexuality is often separated from love. When will we realize that sexuality is linked to the sign of Scorpio, while we love through our Moon? Shouldn’t the act of sex bring us satisfaction through emotional connection, so we could incorporate the Moon in the sign of its fall? Liberal views are often mixed up with lack of emotion, and sexual taboos can be overcome, but this shouldn’t make the entire purpose of sex forgotten. In its purest form it is supposed to merge two Souls in conceiving a new being and create life through love. As any conception, Scorpio is a clash of genes that made us who we are, and a carrier of our entire emotional inheritance. Yes, sex can be fun, humans know this and dolphins do too, but the real question is – what makes us choose our sexual partners in the first place?

Whatever the connection of your birth with the sign of Scorpio, if you give in to your deepest, darkest sexual love, it might not be that bad, after all.

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