What Does Your Life Path Number Mean?

What Does Your Life Path Number Mean

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Now that you know how to find your life path number, it’s time to go into the basics of what they mean. Here is a list of the 11 possible life path numbers you can have and the basics of what they mean.

1. If you are a one, you have the drive of a leader. You are a responsible person that often takes on leaderships roles with ease, not wanting to be part of anything less. However, being a one means that you also need to work hard to not let anger get to you.

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The drive that is so ingrained in you can also stress you out, but your pride may not let you admit it. Don’t let it shake you! As a one you can get a little caught up into the way things look, wanting to appear successful, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a calmness to your life. It’s all about finding balance.

2. If you are a two, you are most likely a spiritual artist and a perfectionist at home and work. Those in this life path have a perceptiveness and sensitivity that is both a strength and a weakness, as it can help you understand the people around you but it can also lead you to be hurt by others easily.

The compassion and stability in you makes you a great friend and partner, but when you feel mistreated you can use that against others, which you may regret later. The company of loved ones is a comfort to you.

3. Those with a life path number of three love attention and self expression. They are often talented in the arts, assuming you commit to the hard work needed for you to foster these skills.

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Generocity is important to you, but it can also go against you because you can give too much. When you become sad, you withdraw from others, but when you work on staying positive, you inspire those around you with your disposition.

4. If you are a four, you are strong and stable person that people can rely on. You believe with all of your heart in the importance of right and wrong, with some trouble finding the grey in different scenarios because you are often stuck looking at people and events in a certain way.

Your persistence and penchant for hard work helps you keep your finances in order, especially because security is important to you. When married, you become an ideal and secure partner, taking your responsibilities seriously. However, if something goes wrong and you are forced to leave a marriage, it can be an extremely difficult scenario for you to move past because of your belief in order above all else. Change can be difficult for those that have a four life path number.

5. Fives are motivators, people that inspire those around them, even when they aren’t realizing it. If you are a five, you are very multi-talented. But those talents aren’t everything, as you are also very impulsive and can have a tendency to overindulge.

The main trial a five faces is learning to balance your skills, hard work, and indulgences. Learning to manage money may prove to be a challenge but you once you find a goal that you feel passionate about, you can reach success.

6. Those that are a six are very creative in the visual and auditory arts, whether that be in painting, singing, or even DIY projects this kind of person loves to create. However, this creative being is also very talented in business and is always willing to sacrifice for others. So often, working on your creativity may fall to the bottom of your priority list.

Because of this tendency to self-sacrifice, sixes may often take on too many responsibilities, so one of your priorities should be to find balance in everything that you do.

7. Sevens have a balance of social ability and lone tendencies. When they are energized and ready to take on challenges, they can actually really impress others in social situations. However, if you are a seven you may feel the most recharged when you are alone, so you may not engage in many social activities generally.

It’s important to find a balance between these two tendencies, as a seven that engages too much in alone time can turn a seven more cynical. Trust in your skills to analyze situations and it will help you find success.

8. Eights have a penchant for attracting both successes and failures because of their reckless natures. Since you can acquire and lose power quickly, it’s important for eights to learn how to live in their means.  If this is your life path number, trying to calm your stubborn and impatient thoughts will help this phenomenon, and your strength in will and in body will take you a long way.

With a skilled feel for management, you are great at seeing the big picture of your goals.

9. Those with a nine life path really believe in being your best self, not just for your own well-being but also for the world. As a dreamer, you have to make sure you are staying grounded to have successful relationships, because you often spend more time on your goals than relationships.

Your drive to always do and be better is admirable, but it also can lead you to being a workaholic. While your efforts often help the world and others around you, it is best to give yourself a break every now and again.

11. If you are an 11, you are a sensitive being that often struggles with self-doubt and judgement, despite your ability to inspire so many. You work hard to play the role you have defined for yourself, but in a slow way. You believe that doing a little bit every day will get you far in life, which it will, just at a different pace than your peers.

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Once you have decided upon your life mission you will find successes that will more than makeup for the journey you took to get there.

22. If you are a 22, you are on the cusp of greatness with the capabilities to become a big figurehead in your community and, on the flip side, the possibility of falling into monotony. This power that you hold depends on a few things, your ambition and your ability to be flexible. If you learn to balance what you want to do and what you are capable of doing, you will be able to work more effectively towards said goals.

22s gave a lot of potential, they just need to understand their limitations.

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