What is your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

What is your Chinese Zodiac Sign


The Chinese zodiac, like the zodiac we all know and love, follows 12 figures. While our zodiac works with the different phases of the stars, the Chinese zodiac focuses solely on the year someone was born. Check out the above chart to see where you fall.

While my birth year follows the year of the snake (and no, that sadly doesn’t mean I will be sorted into Slytherin), it means that some of my traits include my need for privacy and determined nature.

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Courtesy of this educational resource, I’ve compiled the qualities of each of the zodiac below:

Snake: private, extremely thoughtful, often mysterious; quiet but determined; tendency to be uncommunicative; may display neurotic behavior

Dragon: confident, energetic, and strong-willed; dynamic and able to bounce back from disappointment; demanding of others

Rabbit: sensitive, with an even-tempered personality and cultivated taste; may at times think him- or herself above others; usually very lucky

Tiger: full of passion and courage; quick to anger, but may be spontaneous and carefree when the moment is right

Ox: earnest and honest; a loyal friend; tendency to be strict and often stubborn

Rat: hardworking; enjoys socializing; enjoys worldly success but is sometimes greedy

Pig: generous and capable, although sometimes naive; tolerant and eager to settle conflicts

Dog: steadfast, discreet, and witty; extremely likeable; a great friend; logical thinker but often a worrier

Rooster: precise and thrifty; bluntly honest and very proud; hard worker who is widely admired

Monkey: calculating and intelligent, but vain and competitive; potential to be deceptive

Sheep: sensitive and characterized by good grooming and cultivated tastes; often prone to gloomy thoughts

Horse: given to extremes and nonconformist behavior; physically and mentally nimble; loves variety and independence; prefers the outdoors

Do you think the qualities of your year suit you? Sound off in the comments.

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