What you would Never think about the Sign of Capricorn

Sign of Capricorn

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The sign of Capricorn is the sign where all of our Aries energy is focused. It is a sign of consequence and genetics, and this is why we often say it is the sign of karma. Whatever you think is done and gone, will return through Capricorn if it hasn’t been dealt with. This goes for actions, emotions, relationships, or really whatever you think of. If you have a planet in this sign, here are some things that might be good to know.

Even though we mostly connect the sign of Capricorn with career goals and work, its primary role in the zodiac is to speak of the family we create, just like Cancer speaks of the family we come from. Planets in this sign can have a difficult time because they point to of all the debts in our family tree that need to be resolved before we pass on our genetic material. Any planet positioned in the sign of Capricorn, is a planet that needs to be brought to a higher level of consciousness if we want to start our own family.

There is a lot of pressure in this sign, for it is directly linked to our instinct for continuation of the species and this is not an easy task at hand. Capricorn represents a bridge between out animalistic nature and our divine one, talking about responsibility that needs to be taken for each instinctive action we make. This is why people with the Sun in this sign understand that it shines a light on Capricorn’s need, pulling them with strong gravity until they surrender.

The house that begins in the sign of Capricorn is the field of our life in which responsibility needs to be claimed. Saturn and its position in the sign and house also show us this need. When you connect these three dots, you get a simple equation of your natal chart that needs to be solved, in order to move on from things that hold you tied down.

Diamond under enough pressure

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A diamond is created under enough pressure, and this is what the sign of Capricorn wants to say. It tells a story of all those people who have had to suffer to reach for enlightenment. Still, this doesn’t mean that all of us are supposed to turn to great suffering in order to find happiness or faith, even though from the point of view of an unaware mind this might seem like the only way to move forward in.

In its clearest form, the sign of Capricorn represents rest. So instead of giving in to suffering, it might be better to meditate, relax your body and find a way to take enough responsibility along the way. Any suffering in our life is our own responsibility. There is not a soul in the world that hasn’t had to deal with Capricorn. We all have our difficulties and our zones of greatest challenge. But the right way to deal with them isn’t to suffer, but to rest, let go of things that aren’t meant for you, take matters into our own hands and be patient for fate to reward you for all that you’ve done.

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