Why You Should Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Why You Should Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

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A lamp made out of salt? It sounds like a joke, but these lamps are taking over the world so I’m here to share with you some of the reasons why you should give this amber glowing lamps a try, as well as some anecdotes as a user of these products. I have two of these lamps and am loving the heck out of them.

They help your allergies

Himalayan salt lamps help allergy sufferers by purifying the air. When the light bulbs warm the salt, the crystals produce negative ions that clean the air by pushing down and neutralizing positive ions. Positive ions hold onto mold and allergens, spreading them in the air.

The first night I used my lamps, I woke up with clear sinuses. You have no idea what a miracle this was for me as I always wake up with a stuffy nose. In the days that followed, I was breathing a lot easier.

It’s light is calming

The soft amber glow may not carry far in the room, but it’s glow is much nicer than other small lamps you may use for light. It’s red and orange tones are less strenuous on the eye, and while I have one next to my computer, it helps keep my headaches at bay. Since electronics create positive ions, it’s great to have a salt lamp next to electric sources like computers and TVs so that they can bond with those ions and neutralize them.

They make beautiful decor pieces

It goes without saying that these lamps are beautiful. The orange tone looks almost peach when the light isn’t on, with a beautiful hand carved look. These small lamps complement most home styles, especially those that utilize greens and other earth tones.

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They come in all shapes and sizes, so it suits many styles. I have a small natural formation himalayan salt lamp and a more rounded salt lamp that mimics the look of a crystal ball but there is also tall salt lamps, trangular salt lamps, cube lamps, and pyramid lamps.

The smaller lamps are around $20-$30, while the larger ones retail around $50-$60, so you can find one at most price points and budgets. Would you give a salt lamp a try? They are great ways to purify your home while also adding a sense of style. I am in love with mine and would highly recommend you give this home decor trend a try.

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